lunch bag
Item Number LU-001
Size  W 12" x H 11.5" x D 6.75" 
Material Soft neoprene material

If you're a foodie who spends time in the culinary fast lane, then the bag is for you. This insulated lunch bag is great for road trips, stakeouts, or any time you're on the run and need provisions to keep you going. It expands to fit a variety of containers, and is machine washable so there's no need to worry about spills. And unlike those brown bags, you'll want to use this tote over and over again.(Product picture is provided by the clients, only for reference, not infringing use.)




* Insulates up to four hours (time varies depending on external temperatures) 

* Tested for lead safety°™no vinyl or PVC used 

* Made from neoprene (the wetsuit material) 

* Zip closure 

* Machine wash cold, drip dry 

* Soft-grip handles 

* Stores flat 

* Stain resistant